Manufacture and sale of pumps

There are more than enough companies on the market that develop their own manufacturing range, developing commercial pumps, etc. For this reason we have focused our efforts on pumps that are unique by their design and application.

Thanks to the many years of experience of our technicians in this area, we are capable of designing any vertical or condensate pump, any single-stage volute pump with speed limited only by the physical parameters of the used material with the shaft mounted on rolling bearings, plain bearings or magnetic bearings, driven by electric motors, combustion motors, steam or water turbines.

We are capable of designing any recirculating pump, without any significant restrictions, up to the temperature of 340°C. We have mechanical seal applications as well as rotor mounting to compensate for extreme axial loads, as well as design of pressure casings including procedures in accordance with PED-97.

Our designs are based on safe overall design, as well as on the safety of individual components and technologies. Everything is directed towards ensuring the survival of various operating conditions with subsequent successful permanent operation. Cold starts and steam operation are standard design regimens.

Our design capabilities are extended by access to the products of the global leader in pump manufacture - Flowserve. Based on detailed analysis of specific application parameters in cooperation with Flowserve application engineers, we are ready to modify or re-design any chosen pump to suit the required parameters. We are capable of modification to any pump manufactured by Flowserve modified for specific parameters, including lubrication of friction bearings, cooling circuits, mechanical seals and desired diagnostic loops and modification of thermal and acoustic contamination using thermal insulation and sound covers.

An example is the upgrade of the basic Flowserve WXH pump, everything except for the pump itself (pump without frame couplings...), which was fully completed for application as a feed pump including sensors used to control pump operation, including thermal insulation and sound covers for the entire assembly.

Design works are carried out in 3D modelling software cooperating with specialized vendors in the course of the technical preparation.

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