S ARMAT has been active in the field of sales and professional servicing of valves for more than 20 years.
A wide product portfolio includes various types of fittings, including valves, sliders, flaps, cocks and other types with specific application.


Valves that are suitable especially for smaller diameter pipelines with one-way flow of media. Media flow is controlled by a plug with a freely rotating stem.

Valve design alternatives:

  • Shut-off valves to shut off the media flow in the pipeline.
  • Control valve used to control the quantity of media, the plug is usually parabolic.
  • Check valves prevent reverse flow of media. Stem axis must always be vertical.
  • Safety valves are used to prevent the rise of internal media pressure in the pipeline.
  • Reducing valves maintain the reduced media pressure on the output side of the valve at a constant level.

Gate valves

Type of fitting with very small loss factor. Suitable for large diameter pipelines, where the medium flows in both directions, for dense and viscous liquids and for contaminated media. Media flow is shut off with a wedge.

Gate valve design alternatives:

  • bonnet type for small to medium pressure, stirrup design for medium pressure, with a pressurized cover for PN100 and higher pressures and for high temperatures, blade design for dense media.
  • Bonnet gate valves are used to shut off media flow in low clearance. The stem is non-rising with the thread inside the body, i.e. the open/closed condition of the valve cannot be seen.
  • Stirrup gate valves shut off the media flow where low clearance is not a problem. The stem has the thread outside of the body, it is a rising stem, i.e. it is not exposed to the effects and impact of contamination by media.
  • Knife gate valves are suitable to shut off the flow of dense media, such as cellulose or sludge.

Butterfly valves

Type of valve closing off the media flow with a disc (plate).

Butterfly valve design alternatives:

  • shut-off type to close off the flow of media, check flaps to protect equipment from reverse flow of media, end valves to close off media outlet.
  • Shut-off butterfly valves close off media flow where short design length is required. The valve segment is a disc (plate), fixed to a rotating stem.
  • Throttle valves used to control media flow in pumps where a short design length is required. The valve segment is also a disc (plate), fixed to a rotating stem.
  • Check valves prevent reverse flow and kickback in the pipeline. These are not shut-off valves.

Cock valves

This type of valve has a wide application range thanks to quick handling, installation in any position and low pressure losses.

Cock valve design alternatives:

  • Spherical-plug (ball) cock suitable for installation in any position, there are three different types.
    • One-piece ball cocks cannot be dismantled, they are of welded design and do not require any maintenance.
    • Two-piece ball cocks are used in the case of one-way media flow, can be dismantled and the body consists of two parts.
    • Three-piece ball cocks can be dismantled into 3 pieces and are suitable for bi-directional media flow.
  • Cone cock valves are used for installation in any position; however there is the disadvantage of difficult grinding of cones and the risk of seizing. For this reason they are replaced with ball cocks


The range offered by our company also includes other types of fittings.

  • Condensate drains to remove steam condensate. There are 3 different types - floating, thermic, labyrinth.
  • Installation inserts are used to compensate for tolerance deviations before installing pipeline fittings.
  • Compensators used to accommodate for mechanical and thermal expansion in pipelines.
  • Filters to trap mechanical impurities in media.
  • Suction baskets to maintain the water column in the pipeline before the pump.
  • Level gauges and sight glasses to check the level in tanks and flow of media in pipelines.
  • Lids used to cover the end of a ground assembly.
  • Ground sets and stands used for the control of fittings installed in the ground or in shafts.

Drives/actuators used to control fittings by other than manual means. The actuators can be electric, pneumatic or hydraulic.

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