Over the 20 years of its history in the market, S ARMAT has developed into a leading supplier of industrial pumps for power engineering projects - heating plants, power plants and industrial pumps.

The company offers comprehensive services, including the design of suitable pumps based on the required parameters, including the design of the installation of the base frame, complete with electric motor and design of the supporting cooling and lubrication systems.

Development of new types of pumps is carried out by our company. As an example, we have successfully managed to develop SHH recirculation pumps (supply for Košice heating plant, Pakistan), vertical MHV condensation pumps (supply for Dukovany nuclear power plant), horizontal MHH condensate pumps (supply for TE Trmice thermal power plant and Venezuela).
A great challenge for our designers was the development and manufacture of condensate pumps with two discharge outlets - re-entry type MVH, with a motor rating of 1000 kW for a project in Venezuela, successfully completed in the course of 11 months and successfully tested in our hydraulic test shop.

We provide warranty and post-warranty repairs for all supplied pumps. The scope of repair is determined on the basis of inspection of individual components upon disassembly of the pump and after approval by the client, we provide the supply of the corresponding spare parts. Repairs are performed using renovation (refurbishment) technology - resurfacing of plain bearings and repair of shaft damage by chrome plating.
After repair we also provide for the installation, centering of shafts - motor-pump, start-up and testing of pumps with measurement of vibrations and bearing temperature.

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