Vertical single-stage volute pumps SVL


The pumps are used to pump clean and technical water up to 180°C, with a pH range of 6-11. Specific gravity of the media is between 800 - 1100 kg/m3. SVL pumps can be used:

·         in water management, for main or auxiliary pumping stations

·         in boosting stations to boost pressure in water networks

·         in water management in various industrial sectors

·         in heating - recirculation

·         in mining operations - as auxiliary pumping units from settling systems

·         in agriculture - for pumping stations in large irrigation systems


Vertical single-stage volute pumps SVL


SVL pumps are vertical, centrifugal, volute single-stage dry pit pumps, with a suction elbow connection.

They are designed as safe devices with a warranty exceeding 40,000 operating hours. Design requirements applied to SVL pumps are even stricter than the usual standard regulations for OH2 API 601, 10th edition pumps or the proposed 11th edition, particularly in the following areas:

·         rotor group dimensions

·         pressure casing

·         allowed values, forces and moments at suction and discharge or any auxiliary nozzle


Vertical single-stage volute pumps SVL

Performance chart

Performance chart

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