Quality warranty and post-warranty repairs of pump units and other rotary machines are enabled by special equipment and qualified staff.

Pump innovations

Top of the line pumps manufactured by S ARMAT maintain excellent parameters for many years. Subject to wear and tear are shaft seals, mounting, couplings, lubrication systems, sensors and active hydraulic components. However, these pumps can be refurbished through replacement of all worn parts resulting in a practically new pump.

Pump servicing

In addition to servicing pumps manufactured by S ARMAT, we also offer servicing of all pumps manufactured by MSA, as well as other manufacturers of feed pumps - Sigma, Sulzer and KSB, including start-up after repair and measurement of operating parameters.
This process usually starts with a visit of our engineers to the site to map the operating parameters. Based on the outcomes, we develop a preliminary agreement on the scope of the repair works and parts replacement.
When the new parts are finished, the technicians install the pump with subsequent surface treatment. An integral part of the servicing process is the balancing of individual components or demonstration of tightness of pressure covers - pressurization with water and activities related to defectoscopy.

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